There’s a significant difference between “code that works” and “high quality code”. It really comes down to how you want to spend your time (and money). You can rapidly write code at the beginning, but changes and bugs are harder to fix down the line. …

We’ve talked about a few of the tech roles in the past, like project managers or product owners, but today we take a look at the team overall. What can you expect from your team? What can you expect from a freelancer versus a development firm like Bixly?


Does your business need AI? Likely the answer is yes, and if not now, it will be. To be able to compete at speed and scale, machine learning and artificial intelligence will need to be an essential component of your tech solution.

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But I think…

Code audits are a low cost, low investment process that will help your project maintain consistency and meet industry standard practices. Unless you’re planning to rebuild your app from scratch, then code audits are a benefit to every project.

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What is a code audit?


Getting an estimate or even a fixed-bid quote on a software project is actually quite difficult. Either, you will need to spend a decent amount of time researching and planning to get an accurate bid, or you will get a ranged estimate. Here’s how you can plan to budget accurately.

Andrew Savala

COO at with a background in self-service payment kiosks and project management. Connect on LinkedIn

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