Avoid These 12 Mistakes Companies Make on Their First Payment Kiosk

1. Not budgeting for ongoing maintenance

2. Kiosk is sluggish or unresponsive

3. Poorly handling internet outages

4. Too much text on the screen

Good example from Redbox on how much text is appropriate

5. Using the wrong enclosure (or none at all!)

6. Not monitoring for downtime

7. Unengaging kiosk attract screen

Good example of a kiosk attract screen from McDonald’s.
  • Clearly communicate your kiosk’s purpose
  • Convey the benefit of using your kiosk
  • Use short, large and easily readable text
  • Incorporate eye-catching photography
  • Be relevant to your customer demographic

8. Waiting until too late to consider payment devices

9. Failing to understand EMV and PCI Compliance

10. Not considering technical debt

11. Improperly storing customer data

12. Not offering concierge service for your first MVP kiosk

Wrapping Up



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Andrew Savala

Andrew Savala

COO at Bixly.com with a background in self-service payment kiosks and project management. Connect on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/redswimmer